MitoQ +Curcumin 60 Capsules CoQ10 Antioxidant Supplement - MitoQ w/Super Bioavailable Longvida Curcumin Turmeric - Supports Brain, Digestive and Cellular Health


About the product

  • BRAIN, DIGESTIVE AND IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: MitoQ + Curcumin is designed for those looking to support healthy brain function, mental clarity and focus, normal gastrointestinal function and healthy digestive performance.
  • WORLD FIRST: Only product in the world to combine super antioxidant MitoQ with Longvida Curcumin, a highly bioavailable, optimised curcumin extract (most active constituent of Turmeric).
  • ADVANCED AND PATENTED Q10 ANTIOXIDANT TECHNOLOGY: Delivers targeted CoQ10 antioxidant support to your mitochondria - the power plants of your cells - to help your organs perform at their best. MitoQ is absorbed by your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.
  • CELL SUPPORT AND BUILD RESILIENCE: Helps to limit free radical damage at the source, helping to support your cells and build resilience, by reducing the risk of oxidative stress.
  • SCIENTIFIC DATA TO SUPPORT QUALITY & SAFETY: Where possible, our ingredients have been selected and formulated to provide the highest level of bio-availability/ absorption. Our ingredients and products are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

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